These three pieces use the same images of polarized ice fractals as source material.  I took the photos in San Francisco on a trip and they're some of my favorites!  First the images are paired with imitation Gregorian chant that was recorded at the University of Michigan. Next they are paired-with the pre-existing Cradle for sax and tape, composed by Alexis Bacon and performed by saxophinst Dan Puccio, and lastly with eerie Synth sounds.

Aqua et Ignis




      Created in 2004, Volute uses video feedback footage for its abstract  visual look.   Digital sound synthesis, specifically amplitude and frequency modulations were used for the soundtrack.  This is one of my favorite abstract pieces that I've done!



      Weather Report is a piece in three parts, written for the senior recital of dancer Nicole Jameison in 2007. The prologue and epilogue for solo dancer feature solo clarinet, while the middle, Unapologetic is a more pop-oriented vocal piece for six dancers.  Unapologetic was an audio recording that took four months to record in a multitrack studio.  It features singer/songwriter Michelle Chamuel, as well as acoustic cello, electric violin, piano and electronics.  



      This piece explores the concept traits that interlock to form a whole  being.  Part one, Lover, explores passionate affection.  Machine depicts  the society-motivated and materialistic part.  Animal explores the  natural instinct inside every being.  All three aspects are merged to form a single being taking her place in the cycles of life.  The piece was performed as part of the SacriBliss performance of the Digital Music Ensemble at the University of Michigan.  Three dancers stood behind six foot tall screens and performed choreography for each part.



      Penguins desPairs tells the story of Joe, a  penguin who does not fit in with the other penguins in the cold  Antarctic.  The  piece utilizes still images and an eerie processed  background track to  support the narration of the story of Joe.  The narrative has a tongue-in-cheek flavor to it.  Who doesn't love penguins?



Suicide Trio is a stop-motion animation about three white cubes that are brothers.  Each brother commits suicide in a cascading order, one into water, one into earth and one into fire.  This silent piece explains the cubes'  journeys with sub and super titles.



      At the University of Michigan, a common past time on the Diag might be to go "squirrel fishing".  With the squirrels as inspiration, the creative intent of the piece was to comment on human actions and interactions using video footage of the squirrels. Music with dialogue  emphasizes the dual nature of existence.  The piece uses linear  predictive coding, convolution and phase vocoding to create the music soundtrack.