And Then I Remember

     A documentary oratorio based on the World War II stories of Taimi Lepasaar. Words and music by Lembit Beecher. Live video by Kristin Fosdick. Filmed live at the University of Michigan video studio on March 27th and 28th 2009, featuring soprano Mary Bonhag, double bassist Evan Premo, conductor Robert Boardman and University of Michigan singers and instrumentalists.

     The multi-camera shoot was then post-produced into a DVD with composer's notes, source pictures and language translations.  To have a copy of the DVD sent to you, please contact

Part I

Part II


VII Estonian Vignettes

     Part of 'And Then I Remember', these visuals were conceived in early 2009 while listening to audio recordings of Taimi Lepasaar.  The visuals themselves occur throughout the larger work, and here are set together as a whole.  They were particularly inspired by the often cyclic portrayal of the passing of time in the recordings.